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With emerging job opportunities, and an increasing number of large companies establishing offices in the area, it’s no wonder that Tampa, Florida is one of the most rapidly-growing markets in the US economy.

The cost of living in Florida is one of the most attractive in the country, and the weather is, obviously, to die for, with average temperatures of 73 degrees. And if you needed another reason to consider it, Florida was named 1 of the top 3 buyer’s markets in the nation by Zillow. The Tampa Bay Times reported that the growth in Tampa was ‘completely driven by new arrivals’, and it was only Texas that enjoyed more growth than Florida last year.

While this is an excellent result for the Tampa area, moving does, of course, bring a whole lot of stress. Finding somewhere new to live, that suits you and your family, is one of the most difficult things you’ll do in your life. You want it to be perfect, but things rarely go completely as planned. There are many things that could go wrong; the area isn’t as good a fit as it first seemed; the property of your dreams needs thousands of dollars worth of renovations; your finances fall through, etc.

You’ve got to move your family, potentially ask your partner or spouse to quit their job, and pull your kids out of school, away from their friends. What’s more, the complications of moving your belongings cannot be underestimated.

A New Start in Tampa

A new start also means making new connections, finding new friends and establishing yourself in a completely new area. Starting a new job is always a bit of a scary experience, but doing so in a new area, when you’ve just moved, makes it all the more difficult. What’s more, it can cost thousands to ensure your move is as smooth as it can be. You can save what you think is enough money to pay for your relocation and the associated costs, but there will always be those added extras that crop up from time to time.

There are several reasons why sticking your family in a small hotel space until you can move into your new home is a bad idea, not least because it is hugely expensive. You can expect to need several weeks to get settled in Tampa before you make the move to your new home, and that bill is going to get really big, really quickly. And while staying in hotels is fun when you’re on holiday, you just can’t settle in the way you can with a fully furnished apartment.

You Have Options!

But, it’s not all doom and gloom! You can give yourself enough time to find your perfect new home in Tampa by booking a luxurious short-term rental apartment, full of all the amenities you could hope for. Take control of your relocation to the Tampa Bay area and get your new life in the Sunshine State off to the perfect start.

Fully furnished housing is a great option for those moving to downtown Tampa, alone or with family, and month-to-month rentals are infinitely cheaper than staying in hotels. With enough square footage to keep you and your family comfortable during your stay, these apartments for rent come with all the amenities you’d expect at home and in a hotel, giving you the best of both worlds.

You’ll get to enjoy a large pool, fitness center, spacious, open-plan kitchen, multiple bathrooms, cable TV and more. Our furnished apartments come with all the fixings and fixtures you’ll need, and are located in secure, clean, organized communities throughout Tampa. You’ll never have to worry about the area you’re living in, because they’re all specifically catered towards families moving to the Tampa Bay area.

Renting During Your Transition

Using your short-term rental as a base, you can explore Tampa, familiarizing yourself with its fabulous restaurants, entertainment and recreational activities, meaning you’ll settle in that much quicker. All the while, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you get to go home to a clean, comfortable, cosy furnished apartment.

There are a variety of different properties to choose from, meaning you’ll get a property that’s perfect for you. Each short-term rental apartment is decked out with contemporary decor and furnishings, giving them a sense of real luxury.

Budget-friendly and Spacious

Worried about your budget? We know it’s incredibly important to keep control of your bank balance, especially at times of uncertainty or big change. The prices of our monthly rentals beat the major 3, 4 and 5-star hotels in the area! So, you’re actually paying less, but getting more. Luxury living for less than a hotel stay. Who doesn’t love a deal like that?

Our month-to-month rentals are the perfect place to stay while you get settled in Tampa. We’re here to provide you with a beautiful, fully furnished apartment that will fulfil all your needs during your short stay with us. Take the stress out of your relocation to the Tampa Bay area and rest easy knowing you’re saving money while staying in a deluxe apartment.

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