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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it countless changes to our daily lives, most of which have been to our detriment, but one positive outcome has been the increase in virtual tours offered by rental companies, including here at Ready Stays. 90% of our rental properties in Tampa Bay now have online virtual tours, allowing you to get a good look at your new short-term home before you’ve even moved in.

We use one of the leading companies offering virtual tours, Matterport. They conducted a study on property buyers and sellers alike, and both groups stated they are no longer satisfied with static images on property listings. Instead, they want “a more immersive experience.” Though looking at images undoubtedly offers an overview of what you can expect from a property, a virtual tour will make you feel as if you’re actually there at the property, in person, without needing to leave the comfort of your home!



Virtual tours have played a huge part in ensuring the real estate and rental industries have been able to continue operating during the pandemic. When cases are at their highest, and in-person tours are put on hold to keep everyone safe, they have allowed those searching for a property, whether they’re looking to rent or buy, to continue doing so. Here at Ready stays, we strongly believe that ‘what you see is what you get’.

Far too often, rental providers present stock images or ‘model units’ as a representation of the property you can expect to arrive at on the first day of your stay, but this is wholly unfair to any prospective renter. We receive countless calls from people asking for our help because they’ve moved into a rental with another company and it looks nothing like it did in the pictures. There are few things more annoying than liking the look of a rental property from pictures you see on the online listing, and finding that when you view the property in person it’s way smaller, or more cramped, or just not at all what you’d expected. The chances of that happening are pretty much at zero with a virtual tour.



With 95% of those searching for a property using the internet to do so, virtual tour technology has certainly come a long way in the last five years. With the evolution of 360 video and virtual reality technology, we can now offer a truly immersive experience to our prospective renters, without them needing to get up from their couch.

With Ready Stays, what you see really is what you get, particularly when you use our virtual tours. You’ll get to see everything our rental properties have to offer, including everything you need to ensure a comfortable stay in Tampa.

Check out the virtual tours of our properties now, all accessible through our website, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect short-term rental for your stay in Tampa Bay! After all, a picture tells a thousand words, but virtual tours tell the whole story.

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